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Fast Graphical Editor for MPEG2 Video Files

GOPchop is an open source tool for losslessly cutting and merging hardware-encoded MPEG2 video files. It limits cuts to I-frames or group-of-picture (GOP) boundaries, thereby preventing artifacts and degradation of quality by not needing to re-encode. GOP boundaries occur frequently enough (especially at scene boundaries), that GOPchop's method is quite suitable for many applications. It tends to be most handy for people working with streams created by hardware encoders.

GOPchop is useful for:

1.1.8 Released

March 2, 2009 - Various fixes since 1.1.7 added, especially a fix for the annoying Xv crasher. The entire CVS tree has been migrated to Subversion too.

1.1.7 Released

May 2, 2005 - GOPchop is nearing the 1.2.0 stable release. This version even includes some experimental MPEG1 support from Brent Baccala. Several small fixes were added since the 1.1.6 release's changes to preferences handling. Download it and give it a spin!

1.1.6 Released

Apr 30, 2005 - The long overdue development cycle release of GOPchop is finally here! This version improves the UI, adds additional parsing support for certain kinds of stream elements, fixes several compilation bugs, adds options for system header injection/removal, and uses a more hardy picture display system, which will always display the final picture of a GOP. The goal is to close in on a 1.2.0 stable release within the next week so that several of the patch bundles recently sent to the gopchop-devel mailing list can get some development attention.

New Website

Apr 29, 2005 - As part of the preparations for the next 1.1.4 release, we've set up a new website. Hope ya like it. The PHP is mercilessly stolen from the Inkscape project. ;-) Huge thanks go to Bryce Harrington.