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Reporting Bugs

Please report any bugs you find in GOPchop at the SourceForge Bug Tracker for GOPchop. If you wish, you may also join the GOPchop Developer List to discuss the problem more directly.

Your bug reports are vital for making GOPchop a robust and capable application. It is an important goal that each GOPchop release be stable, crash-free, and behave itself well. Bug reports from users are the primary means of quality assurance, as we rely on the Open Source principle of "Many Eyes Make Bugs Shallow".

If the bug you report to the bug tracker is not fixed promptly, this may mean developers cannot reproduce it, or cannot understand your description, or are simply too busy with other things. Be persistent. As the original reporter, you are the person most interested in fixing it, so if your first report had no effect, you must not let it drop. There are many things you can do to help push your bug closer to a fix:

  1. Submit the bug to the tracker. Don't wait for someone else to do it. It's important, otherwise your report will be quickly forgotten. (But check the tracker first, your bug may be already there.)
  2. Submit complete information: version, platform, locale, steps to reproduce, and sample file(s) and screenshots if appropriate.
  3. If this is a crash, it's important to submit a backtrace. Use gdb to get a backtrace as follows:
     (gdb) run [parameters (optional)]
     # Carry out the actions to make the program crash
     (gdb) bt
    and send us the output. All of this can be done on Windows too, the Windows binary of gdb is available from
  4. If you really want the bug to be fixed, try to find out the exact point in time when the bug appeared. At the very least, test old GOPchop versions. To get a narrower and more useful estimate, use backdated CVS checkouts (the -D switch) to find the most recent date on which the CVS was is OK, and also the first date on which it is broken. Then we can make a diff between these two dates to figure out the reason. If you manage to find the day of breakage and if that day's diff is big (which is possible, given the rate of checkins we're having on average), try to narrow it down to a few hours. For example:
      cvs checkout -D"2004-04-04 12:00" gopchop
    will give you the CVS as it was on that date at midday. I think this should work with anonymous CVS access too.